So you may actually have never heard of the tatsoi plant, but more than likely, you have eaten it before! If you’re fan of pre-washed mixed greens, chances are, that tatsoi is in there! So what exactly is then? Indigenous to Japan, this Asian green belongs to the cabbage family of Brassicas. A low growing annual with small, spoon shaped leaves that resembles basil, tatsoi is also called spoon mustard, spinach mustard, or rosette bok choy. This versatile vegetable has a mild, mustard-like flavor and is actually pretty easy to grow! If you want to learn more about how to grow tatsoi greens, keep reading!

How to Grow Tatsoi Greens in Your Garden

tatsoi greens

The plant itself looks very similar to spinach, although the stems are white and sweet. Only growing to about an inch high, the tatsoi does spread out and can grow a foot across. Thriving in cool weather, this vegetable can withstand temperatures as low as -15F (-26C) and can be even harvested in the winter straight from the snow!

Now if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will! Basically, you can grow tatsoi greens anywhere in the world as they’re not fussy with the climate whatsoever!

Planting Tatsoi Greens:

  • Plant in plant in an area with full sun and well draining soil.
  • Till down 6-12 inches of to loosen any compacted soil.
  • Incorporate 2-4 inches of compost or manure before seeding or add a balanced fertilizer.
  • Sow seeds directly into the garden 2-3 weeks prior to the last expected frost in the spring.
  • Tatsoi likes cool weather, but spring frost may make it bolt, so think of also starting seeds indoors six weeks before the last frost and then transplanting outdoors.
  • Thin the plants to at least 6 inches apart once they are 2-4 inches tall.
  • Water 1 inch per week and add a layer of mulch to retain moisture.

Harvesting Tatsoi Greens:


  • This fast bolting vegetable can be harvested just 3 weeks after planting for baby greens, or you can wait the full 7 weeks to harvest the mature leaves.
  • You can leave the rest of the plant to continue to mature, or you can cut the entire head off at the stem.
  • Plant seeds every 3 weeks for a continuous crop.

Tatsoi Planting Companions:

You can plant tatsoi alongside these vegetables:


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