When it comes to having a herb garden, there's really nothing more satisfying than picking your very own fresh herbs for that night's dish! These herbs that grow together can be planted in just one pot or directly in your herb garden outdoors for a full, healthy harvest in no time! These herbs not only enjoy each other's company, but also feed off of each other by exchanging important nutrients and therefore, making sure your harvest is plentiful! Herbs that grow together stay together!

Herbs That Grow Together

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A rule of thumb when planting any herb or vegetable together, is to make sure they have everything in common including irrigation, sun needs, and soil. Another thing to consider is the herb's height – for example, fennel grows quite tall and would like ridiculous planted alongside smaller herbs such as mint.

Herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and sage like a fairly dry soil, while basil and parsley like a little more moisture. One herb that you absolutely must always plant by itself is mint. Mint does not go well will other herbs as it will take over the entire pot and could also cross pollinate with other varieties of mint plants, such as spearmint. Herbs that like the same type of environment, will usually grow very well together! Take for example these Mediterranean herbs that can be all planted together in one pot.

Mediterranean Herbs:

Other Herbs That Can Be Planted Together

So now that you know about these herbs that grow together, it's time to get to planting! Like this post? Share and Pin 🙂

Herbs That Grow Together

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