Looking to grow beautiful vegetables in your garden but don’t have the space or the sun? These 10 vegetables that grow in the shade will ensure you get a bounty every season, regardless of whether or not your garden has sun. Plant any of these 13 vegetables (or all!) in your garden, and don’t worry about them getting any sun! It’s as simple as that! What’s more is that these 13 vegetables that grow in the shade don’t even need a lot of care or maintenance.

Vegetables That Grow in Shade

#1. Leaf Lettuce

black seed simpson lettuce

Leaf lettuce is one of the easiest vegetables to plant and grow, and they don’t require a lot of sun! Learn more about how to grow lettuce!

#2. Arugula

arugula in pot

Arugula follows the same planting rules as lettuce, and you can also plant them side by side!

#3. Endive

endive plant

Endive, another vegetable in the lettuce family also grows without any sun and requires little to no care.

#4. Cress

cress plant

Cress is a beautiful vegetable that grows in almost any condition and makes some amazing salads!

#5. Broccoli

broccoli harvest

Learn how to grow broccoli from seeds and then enjoy the bounty! Little maintenance and no sun required!

#6. Cauliflower

cauliflower plant

Cauliflower grows the exact same way broccoli does, so go ahead and plant them side-by-side!

#7. Beets


Beets, an easy to grow veggie , will grow without any sun since it grows underneath the ground and doesn’t require much care.

#8. Peas

snap peas

Peas are one of those vegetables that keep growing and growing, and don’t require a lot of space OR sun!

#9. Brussel Sprouts

brussel sprout plant

Brussel sprouts also require very little care and not a lot of sun.

#10. Radishes

radishes in garden

Radishes are one of those veggies that you can just plant them and forget about them.

#11. Swiss Chard

swiss chard in pots

Learn how to grow Swiss chard in pots or containers and get a beautiful bounty every season!

#12. Collards

collard greens in pot

Collards grow exactly like Swiss chard so follow the tutorial on how to grow Swiss chard and you’re all set!

#13. Spinach

how to grow spinach in a pot

Learn how to grow spinach in a pot and forget about it! Spinach doesn’t require a lot of space, care, or sun.

Happy Planting!

Vegetables That Grow in Shade
Don\'t have a lot of room or sun to plant veggies? Think again! These 13 vegetables that grow in shade are perfect for small gardens!