Spring onions are one of the easiest vegetables you can grow because they yield a lot and don't take up a long of space! Today we're going to show you how to grow spring onions from seed. It's easy, fast, and they're a wonderful addition to any dish or even by themselves! A cross between shallots, regular onions, and green onions, spring onions can differ from having a very mild flavor to a very strong one. It all depends on the type of spring onion seed you purchase! But in any case, spring onions are equally delicious no matter the strain!

How to Grow Spring Onions


Spring onions take about 8-12 weeks from seed to harvest. You'll have beautiful spring onions in no time!


Because spring onions grow up (vertically), they really don't require a lot of space. This is why they're perfect for small space gardening, and will even grow on your kitchen windowsill! They have a very shallow root system, so they can be grown in even the smallest of pots.


Place your spring onions in a sunny place – they love both the heat and the sun!


spring onions harvested

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  1. You can either harvest the seeds from a previous spring onion plant, or you can purchase a desired variety from your local nursery or hardware store.
  2. Choose a good, organic soil mix to plant the seeds in.
  3. Plant the seeds into the soil and keep the seeds moist by misting with water, making sure the soil is never dry.
  4. Seedlings should germinate within two weeks.
  5. Once the seedlings have germinated, you can transplant them or leave them in their original pot.
  6. Depending on the variety of spring onions, they can either grow in single stalks or bunches.


To keep your spring onions happy and healthy, feed them a liquid fertilizer 2-3 times while they're growing.

Happy Planting!

Grow Spring Onions

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