Leeks are the onion's elegant, more subtle cousin and when prepared correctly, can be absolutely delicious! Because they have a subtler flavor than onions, leeks are a great accompaniment to any dish and will please everyone! They don't require much room in the garden, and they also prefer a cooler climate. Today we'll show you how to grow leeks in your garden with our step-by-step gardening guide so you can enjoy leeks all season long!

How to Grow Leeks in the Garden


Planting Leeks:

  • Plant leeks in a sunny spot with well drained soil.
  • You can choose to plant leeks in raised beds, pots, or containers.
  • Space each leek plant about 6 inches apart.
  • Prior to planting, prep the soil by adding a nitrogen rich fertilizer.
  • Water the soil well and keep it moist at all times.
  • In order for leeks to produce a white, succulent stem, they must be protected from the sun. To do this, plant in deep holes.
  • Create a narrow trench that's 6-8 inches deep, then tuck the seedlings into the trench, adding the soil back so that it comes up to the base of the first leaf. Water well.
  • Mulch heavily to retain moisture

Caring for Leek Plants:

planting leeks

  • While growing, water leek plants regularly, keeping the soil moist at all times.
  • After growth, water about 1 inch per week.
  • As leeks grow, mound the soil from the trench around the stems.

Harvesting Leeks:

  • Leeks mature after 100-120 days after being planted.
  • Harvest once stalks are about an inch across.
  • You can harvest your leeks in the winter or spring.

Happy Planting!

How to Grow Leeks

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