Strawberries are one of the most delicious berries you can grow, and as long as you do it right, they’ll reward you with a huge bounty! These 10 tips for growing strawberries will ensure that you get the biggest, most flavorful strawberries you’ve ever had! Strawberries don’t require a lot of space, so they’re perfect for small gardens as they can be planted in hanging baskets, pots, or containers.

10 Tips for Growing Strawberries in Your Garden

strawberry plant

#1. Plant Early

The earlier you plant your strawberries, the more strawberries you’ll get to enjoy all summer long! So instead of planting in June, think of planting as early as you can, as long as there is no danger of overnight frost.

#2. Choose a Sunny Spot

Strawberries taste better if they’re grown in a sunny spot! Just make sure to plant them in the early morning or in the evening.

#3. Give Them Space

Strawberries love some room to breathe, so make sure to plant them at least 30cm deep and at least 40cm between each row.

#4. Don’t Water-log Them

Make sure to plant in well drained soil, as strawberries can rot if they become waterlogged.

#5. Grow Them in Pots or Raised Beds

strawberries in pots

To protect your strawberries, it’s best if you grow them in raised beds or pots. This way you can control weeds as well as pests.

#6. Pick the Flowers

Pick the first flowers that come upon your strawberry plants to promote better growth.

#7. Fertilize

When flowers appear, it’s time to fertilize. Use a fertilize high in potash to feed your strawberries so they go big and healthy.

#8. Remove the Runners

Runners are off-shoots of the strawberry plant. A young strawberry plant will not fruit as well and as quickly if the shoots are using up their energy. Instead, remove the runners and plant them to grow even more strawberry plants.

#9. Plant a Variety

Plant different strawberry varieties so you’ll have a continuous summer harvest. Different varieties will fruit at different times, so the more varieties you plant, the more strawberries you’ll have!

#10. Plant Enough

Strawberries are SO delicious that everyone will want some of your home-grown strawberries. We recommend you plant at least 5 strawberry plants per person.

These 10 tips for growing strawberries will ensure you have a full strawberry bounty all summer long! Learn more about how to grow strawberries.

Happy Planting!

Growing Strawberries