Growing your own jalapenos is both rewarding and fun, as they add a ton of flavor to any dish and are fairly easy to grow. Today we’ll show you how to grow jalapeno peppers right in your garden or in a pot or container. Jalapenos start off slow, but once they get growing, there’s no stopping them!

How to Grow Jalapeno Peppers in a Pot or in Your Yard

harvested jalapeno peppers

Planting Jalapenos:

  • It’s best to start growing your jalapeno peppers indoors and transplanted them outdoors after 8-12 weeks.
  • While indoors, keep the jalapeno seedlings moist, but do not over water them.
  • Keep them warm and in a sunny place such as a a windowsill that’s facing the South side.
  • Once all danger of spring frost has passed, you may transplant your seedlings outdoors in the garden or in a pot.
  • Choose a sunny spot as peppers love the sun and grow best when they’re warm.
  • Mix in mushroom compost or any other organic matter into your potting soil.
  • Space each plant about 14-16 inches apart and 2-3 feet apart in between rows.
  • The plants will eventually grow to about 3 feet in height!


red and green jalapeno plant

  • Jalapenos love water, so make sure to keep the soil moist at all times. Keep in mind though, that you also don’t want to over water as you may inundate the plant which can cause root rot.
  • Water every other day or every third day depending on the weather.
  • Give your jalapeno plant a good fertilizer and keep it free of any weeds.

Harvesting Jalapenos:

  • In 3 to 4 months, your jalapeno peppers should be ripe and ready to pick!
  • You’ll know they’re ready for harvest once they reach 4-6 inches in height, they’re firm, and have a bright green sheen.
  • You can also leave them on the plant until they turn red – this will make them hotter!

Happy Planting!

How to Grow Jalapeno Peppers