Aphids are one of the most prolific garden pests, and, if left untreated, can completely take over your vegetable garden. One of the best ways to stop aphids in their tracks is to plant vegetables that attract aphids separately. One such vegetable, for example, is the eggplant, which is highly prized to the aphids. These natural ways to kill aphids work just as well as chemical sprays and are much safer for your garden, family, and pets!

Another way to prevent aphids from entering your garden is to plant aphid repelling flowers and plants in between your vegetable rows. Aphids detest these plants and flowers, and so, planting them amidst your vegetables is a sure-fire way to prevent them from entering the garden in the first place.

Natural Ways to Kill Aphids and Prevent Them

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#1. Aphid Repelling Plants

The following plants actually repel aphids from infesting your garden:


Stay away from aphid-loving plants such as aster and crape myrtle!

Natural Aphid Spray Recipes

These natural aphid spray recipes will kill and repel aphids, all the while being completely safe to the rest of your garden, your family, and your pets! Of course, as with anything that's natural, it won't be as strong as a chemical spray, so be sure to be consistent and spray regularly.

Garlic Aphid Spray

As noted above, aphids hate the smell of garlic, and so this garlic aphid spray is a great deterrent! Mix 100 grams of crushed garlic cloves with 1 gallon of water and let steep for about 24 hours. After the 24 hours are up, boil the mixture for about 20 minutes. Let cool down, and pour into a spray bottle. Spray directly onto affected areas as often as needed.

Onion Aphid Spray

Like garlic, onions are also a huge aphid deterrent. Mix 100 grams of shredded onion with 2 gallons of water and boil for about 30 minutes. Let cool and pour into a spray bottle. Spray directly onto affected areas as often as needed.

Dandelion Aphid Spray

Although dandelions have a bad rap for being weeds, they're actually great medicinal plants with tons of uses! Mix 400 grams of dandelion leaves with 10 liters of water. Let it steep for about 3 hours, and pour into a spray bottle. Spray directly onto affected plants.

Use this natural ways to kill aphids and in no time, your garden will be aphid-free!

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Ways to Kill Aphids
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