Basil is one of the easiest and most delicious herbs to grow, but even so, there are tips that can make your basil plant even MORE flavorful and bigger too. Basil is an amazing herb to have at your fingertips because it can spice up any dish from soups, salads, stews, and everything in between. If you love growing basil, you're going to love these 7 tips for growing basil. Follow our simply gardening guide below to grow the biggest, most flavorful basil you've ever had!

7 Tips for Growing Basil in Pots or in Your Garden

basil in pot

#1. Plant With Seeds or a Starter Kit

The best way to grow your basil is to direct sow seeds (as long as the weather has warmed up) or to purchase a seed starting kit.

#2. Choose Well Drained Soil

Basil will thrive as long as you provide it with the right soil! Choose well drained soil, especially if you're growing in pots or containers.

#3. Keep it Warm and Sunny

Basil likes it warm and sunny! If you want a big basil crop, it's important to keep it in warm temperatures and give it at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

#4. Fertilize Once a Month

If you're growing basil indoors, it's important to fertilize once a month. Use organic or slow release fertilizers for best results.

#5. Water Often in Hot Weather

Constantly check the soil to make sure it's damp. In the summer, water once a day, and in cooler weather, water every other day.

#6. Prune, Prune, Prune!

Basil will grow bigger and faster if you prune it! Once your basil plant reaches at least 6 inches tall, start pruning from the top and remove any flowers as soon as you see them.

#7. Keep Bugs Away

If you have a bug problem, fertilize with a liquid seaweed fertilizer which is meant to keep bugs and critters away.

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Happy Planting!

Growing Basil