Peonies are gorgeous flowers which look amazing in your backyard, especially once they begin to bloom! Peony flowers are perennials that will bloom every spring for years and years! Some have even been reported to last as long as 100 years! So once you've purchased peony seeds or peony seedlings, you can bet you'll have them blooming for life! Today we'll show you how to grow peonies and care for them so they can last you a lifetime! Peonies also require very little care and maintenance as long as they're planted right from the beginning. Additionally, peonies can grow almost anywhere from cold zones to really hot zones as long as they have well drained soil and full sun.

How to Grow Peonies in Your Yard

peony bush

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Ready to learn how to grow peonies and make your yard the envy of your neighbors? Let's get started!

Planting Peonies:

  • Grow your peonies in rich, fertile soil that drains well. Solid pH should be neutral.
  • Add about a cup of bonemeal to the soil and tamp soil firmly.
  • Plant your peonies about 3-4 feet apart and make sure there aren't too many trees or bushes around – peonies don't like competing for moisture!
  • Plan to plant in a sunny spot, where the flowers can receive at least 6 hours of sunlight.
  • Plant peonies in the fall or even a little later if you live in a warmer climate.
  • Dig a big hole, about 2 feet deep and 2 feet across.
  • Set the root of the plant so that the eyes face upward on top of the firmed soil, placing the root about 2 inches below the soil surface.
  • Fill the hole back up and water well.

Caring for Peonies:

pink peonies

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  • Peonies take a few years to establish, but once they do, they'll bloom every spring for many many years.
  • Peonies thrive on neglect – they don't need to be pruned, or dug, or divided.
  • Only add a little bit of fertilizer once when you plant. Afterwards, do not add anymore.

Happy Planting! how to grow peonies

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