Hydrangeas are some of the most beautiful flowers you can grow, and because of their showstopping beauty, are a cult favorite among gardeners. These 10 expert gardening tips for growing hydrangeas will take your hydrangeas to the next level – after all, hydrangeas are easy to grow, but these tips will make for some serious showstoppers!

What's great about hydrangeas is that they come in so many different colors and shapes, they can compliment any garden or porch. Did you know that a hydrangea's color will form depending on the amount of ions that are in the soil? Acidic soils for example, with a pH of less than 5.5 will produce blue flowers, while soil with a pH greater than 5.5 will produce pink flowers. Alternatively, white flowers are not at all affected by the soil's pH.

Let's dive into these 10 expert gardening tips for growing hydrangeas so that you can take your garden to the next level!

Expert Gardening Tips for Growing Hydrangeas


#1. Water is Key

Hydrangeas need a lot of water, so if you're not prepared to water them daily (especially in the hot summer months) don't even bother. Although they DO like a lot of water, they detest sitting in wet, waterlogged soil.

#2. Shady Areas

Although hydrangeas can be planted in the sun, they will thrive best in shady areas. If the only space you have is in a sunny area though, that's ok too = just be prepared to water that much more!

#3. Protect in Winter

In regions where winters can be harsh, such as Michigan, be sure to cover your hydrangeas well or provide them some sort of shelter.

#4. Fertilize

Fertilize your hydrangeas in the summer when they are growing and be sure to follow a regular schedule. You can use a water soluble fertilizer or a slow release fertilizer.

#5. Prune At Your Own Risk

One of the biggest mistakes people will make with hydrangeas is pruning them in the fall – this may remove next year's flowers as hydrangeas bloom on old stems. Instead, wait for your hydrangeas to die back naturally in the winter and prune any dead branches once new growth begins in the spring.

So now that you know these 5 expert tips for growing hydrangeas, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

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Growing Hydrangeas

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