Today we'll show you how to plant a mango seed. Growing a mango from seed one of the easiest tropical fruit trees to plant, and they'll yield delicious mango fruits year after year for you to enjoy! Before you begin planting, make sure you pick a variety of mango that YOU enjoy!

There are hundreds of different mango varieties, so make sure you taste different mangos and pick one you like! Once you've chosen your mango, eat it, and save the seed!

So how to grow a mango from seed? It's actually quite easy provided you follow the gardening guide below! Growing mango from seed will ensure that you get the variety of mango you like, and that you're involved in the entire process, from start to finish.

Head to your local grocery store or an international store to choose the variety of mango you want. Once you've gotten your mango, simply save the seed.

How to Plant a Mango Seed

how to grow mango from seed


The mango tree needs to be in a warm, tropical climate with plenty of sun and warmth. A mango tree will successfully grow in USDA zones 10 through 13 OR in a warm or humid greenhouse. A mango tree can also grow indoors provided is has enough warmth and sun!

Germination Time:

Your mango tree should start germinating and producing seedlings within 4-6 weeks. Your seedling will be about 100-200mm in height.

Germinating the Mango Seed

Choosing a Seed

The best way to make sure your mango seed will actually grow is to grow it next to an existing mango tree. This is called a parent tree and will ensure that your mango tree will grow big and healthy. If you don't have another mango tree nearby, you can order your seeds online, or try to grow it directly from a store-bought mango (the seed), but you run the risk of it not growing depending on where it came from!

Checking the Seed

Cut the mango's flesh away to reveal the seed. A healthy mango seed will look tan and fresh. If the seed looks grey and/or shriveled up, you can no longer use it. Make sure to wear gloves while removing the flesh, as the mango fruit can be quite slippery!

Preparing the Seed

growing mango from seed

There are two different ways you can prepare your seed: the drying method or the soaking method:

The Drying Method:

  1. Dry the seed with a paper towel and place it in a sunny and dry place for about 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks have elapsed, try to break open the seed in half without actually breaking it in half. The halves just need to slightly separate. Once you've achieved that, leave it out for another week.
  2. In a container, place fertile soil. Dig a small hole about 8 inches deep, and plant your mango seed with the belly button of the seed face down. Then, push the seed in.
  3. Depending on the soil, water every day or every other day.
  4. Within 4-6 weeks, you should have a 100-200mm high seedling.
  5. Depending on the variety you consumed or purchased, your tree might be a deep purple, a vibrant green, or almost black!
  6. Once your seedling has grown enough where it has establish a strong, healthy root system, you may move it to a bigger pot or outdoors.

The Soaking Method:

  1. Break the outer skin of the seed just a little bit with sandpaper OR make a small cut into the mango seed.
  2. Place the seed in a jar with water and store in a warm place for 24 hours.
  3. Remove your seed from the jar and wrap it in damp paper towels. Place the seed wrapped in paper towel in a plastic bag and cut one corner off the bag.
  4. Keep the towel moist by regularly watering and your mango seed should sprout within 1-2 weeks. Keep the seed in a warm, moist place.

Planting the Mango Seed

  1. Start by preparing a pot for the seedling. Make sure it is a mixture of potting soil and compost for best results. Also, make sure your pot is big enough to accommodate what will be a fairly large tree!
  2. Place your pot in partial sun so that your seedling gets used to the sun. Once it's ready to be transplanted, it will need full sun!

Planting the Seedling

  1. You can transplant your seedling once it has developed strong, healthy roots. The thickness at the base of the trunk should be about 5cm or 2.5 inches.
  2. Place your seedling in a warm, sunny spot.
  3. Make sure it has plenty of room to grow, and that there are no other structures or trees too close to it – it will get big!
  4. If you wish, you can leave it in the pot, but make sure to transplant to a bigger pot when needed.
  5. If you're planting directly into the ground, dig a hole that is three times the size of the root's ball.
  6. Add 1/3 of good quality potting mix, 1/3 garden sand, and the rest will be soil from the earth you just dug up!
  7. Place the seedling into the hole, pat it, and water well.
  8. Water your mango tree regularly, depending on the weather and/or soil, and make sure not to over-fertilize – twice a year should be just enough!
  9. Your mango tree will start bearing fruit within 4-5 years.

No other maintenance is required other than making sure your tree gets plenty of sunlight, water, and fertilizer! So now that you know how to plant a mango seed, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

Happy Planting!

how to plant a mango seed

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