Today we’ll teach you how to grow passion fruit, one of the most bountiful backyard crops, that’s actually pretty easy to grow! If you’ve ever eaten a passion fruit, you know how incredibly juicy and sweet and sour it can be, but did you know that passion fruit is also extremely healthy? Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, many consider it to be a super food! So let’s get started and grow our own passion fruit!

passion fruit growing on a fence


Passion fruit can be grown and will thrive in subtropical and temperate regions. In fact, passion fruit grows so easily, it will adapt to almost any temperature as long as frost does not reach it!

Time to Plant:

It is best to start planting in spring.

Time to Harvest:

passion fruit

It can take anywhere between 12-18 months for a passion fruit tree to start making fruits.

Seed or Vine?

You can grow your own passion fruit tree from either seed or vine, but vine is always the best and easiest way, especially if you live in an area where it may get a little cold at times. You can find passion fruit vines at your local gardening center and even online. Today, we’ll show you how to grow passion fruit from vine, but if you do decide to grow it from seed, the same rules will apply!


Plant your vines in a warm, sunny spot. Passion fruit trees love the sun, and so it’s important to make sure they have as much sun as possible. They also develop a deep root system, so make sure before you plant, you choose a spot where they can spread out and grow. Passion fruit also loves to climb, so an ideal spot would be next to a wire fence. Make sure that the area is free of other trees, plants, or weeds. Passion fruit needs tender loving care, so make sure to give it a beautiful, free area where it can climb and spread out.


passion fruit fence

Passion fruit thrive on a diet of pelletised chicken manure or any fertilizer that’s designed for flowering fruit. Spread a mix of fertilizer and mulch over the entire ground where the vines are planted, as well as over the entire root system. Feed it fertilizer in the spring and then every four weeks through summer. Remember to water well after fertilizing.

Watering and Pruning:

Passion fruit likes a lot of water, especially in its early stages. Make sure to water regularly and to check the soil for dryness. Passion fruit does not really require pruning, but most people do so to control its size and spread. Also, the more sunlight filters through, the faster the fruits will ripen, so if you do prune, do so to make sure enough sunlight can enter through.

How to Grow Passion fruit in a Pot

passion fruit in a pot

Don’t have a lot of space? Not to worry – passion fruit will still grow in a pot, and could give you some awesome shade on a balcony! Have some trellis ready, or a wire fence so that it can climb! Follow the same steps above, but just plant your seed or vine in a large enough pot. Give it fertilizer, give it sun, and give it water, and voila – this is how to grow passion fruit!

Happy Planting and Don’t Forget to Share 🙂

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