Having mint in your garden is one of the most satisfying things because it smells so heavenly and has a slew of culinary and medicinal uses! Mint is also one of the easiest herbs to grow, and it's the perfect plant for beginner gardeners! Although mint IS easy to grow, its roots, which are called “runners” are also super invasive: they grow quickly sprouting new leaves and new plants as they go. Mint will overtake your garden if you're not careful, so these dos and donts of growing mint will help you immensely!

Dos and Donts of Growing Mint

mint in pot


  • Plant mint in a spot where it will receive morning sun and partial afternoon shade.
  • To avoid the mint plant overtaking your garden, it's best to plant in a container.
  • If planting in a garden, submerge a container (at least 5 inches deep) into the garden soil, leaving the rim above ground level when potted.
  • Harvest mint sprigs before the plant flowers.
  • Pinch off flowering buds as they appear.
  • Plant mint plants 15 inches apart and thin them regularly.


  • Don't plant mint in an open bed where it may take over your garden.
  • If planting in a garden, make sure you submerge a pot into the garden soil (see above) and check to make sure there are no cracks in the pot.
  • Don't plant in moist conditions.

So now that you know the dos and donts of growing mint, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

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Growing Mint

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