Ginseng is native to the Eastern United States, but unfortunately, it has been over harvested over many years and therefore ginseng is on its path to becoming a threatened plant. If you CAN get your hands on ginseng seeds or rhizomes, you can definitely grow it! Ginseng is revered for its amazing and healing properties, and having your own ginseng plant would surely be the talk of the town! Also, you'll need some patience as ginseng plants require 3-5 years to reach maturity. Ginseng is a perennial herb that will only grow to 1 or 2 inches in the first year. At its maturity, a ginseng plant will reach 12-24 inches in height. Ginseng is most often used for medicinal purposes and has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, boost immune system, and also lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

How to Grow Ginseng From Seeds or Rhizomes


Growing ginseng is fairly easy as long as you can find the seeds or the rhizomes. If you DO find ginseng seeds, they must be stratified for 2 years. If you can find rhizomes, that's even better as you can plant them fairly easily. Make sure you check your state's laws before though, as growing ginseng in some states may be illegal.

  • Grow ginseng seeds or rhizomes in total shade and keep away from afternoon sunlight.
  • Try your best to mimic a woodland environment.
  • Plant in deep, loose soil with a high organic content and a pH of 5.5

How to Harvest Ginseng:

ginseng plant

  • In about 3-5 years, your ginseng should be ready to harvest.
  • Dig the roots up carefully as not to break them.
  • Wash off the excess oil and place the roots in a single layer on a screen.
  • Place them in a warm, well ventilated room and turn them every day.
  • Some small roots may dry in a day, while bigger roots may take up to six weeks.

So if you are lucky enough to find ginseng seeds or rhizomes, you should definitely plant it! Now that you know how to grow ginseng, it's time to get to work 🙂

Happy Planting!

How to Grow Ginseng

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