If you’ve ever had the honor of smelling night blooming jasmine, you’re in luck! Night blooming jasmine is one of the strongest, most delectable flower scents you will ever smell, and once you encounter its aroma, you’ll have a hard time letting go! This type of jasmine usually blooms at night, and therefore releases its strong scent once the sun goes down. You may have encountered night blooming jasmine if you’ve ever been to a tropical region since they grow in abundance there. Thankfully though, you can plant night blooming jasmine almost anywhere, including indoors! Today we’re going to show you how to grow night blooming jasmine and also how to take care of it!

How to Plant Night Blooming Jasmine


Night blooming jasmine loves the heat, so make sure you can provide for it! If you decide to plant indoors, make sure that the temperature is nice and warm, at least 70F! If you do decide to plant outdoors, that is also fine! Once frost hits, the night blooming jasmine will freeze, but will take up again in the spring.


Choose a light, loose sandy soil in which to grow night blooming jasmine. If you’re growing from seed, you can start off with a small, shallow pot, and transplant once the plant has reached 4-6 inches in height. If you grow night blooming jasmine from a small plant (like from a nursery), plant it in a bigger pot or straight into your garden.


The night blooming jasmine loves the sun, so place your plant or pot in a sunny spot! If you’re growing indoors, a windowsill is preferred.


night blooming jasmine in pot

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Water your night blooming jasmine plant regularly, but also make sure not to over-water it either! Simply touch the soil around the plant and, if it feels dry, go ahead and give it some water!


Because the night blooming jasmine is pretty self sufficient and doesn’t require much care, you shouldn’t need a fertilizer at all. If you do choose to fertilize, do so just once in the spring using a regular flower fertilizer.

Grow Time

night blooming jasmine

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From seed to plant, your night blooming jasmine should sprout up pretty quickly, in about 2 weeks time! The night blooming jasmine is a small, delicate plant and therefore doesn’t need much time!

You can now enjoy the beautiful, delicate scent of night blooming jasmine in your yard or home! The flowers look beautiful and the scent is simply intoxicating! Another bonus to growing night blooming jasmine is that it attracts butterflies, so if you plant in your garden, you’ll have a slew of butterflies all season long!

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Happy Planting!

Grow Night Blooming Jasmine