When it comes to amending soil, there are literally hundreds of options at your disposal and that's what makes it so hard to choose the right one! Every plant, vegetable, or fruit might require a different soil amendment, but we'll share with you the top 5 best soil amendments that you wish you knew about sooner! In fact, these soil amendments are a little strange, and you may not have even heard of them before, especially if you're a beginner gardener, but they work like a charm!

5 Best Soil Amendments

These soil additives make for a better, healthier garden, and they can be mixed within your compost pile as well! They're all completely natural and will only improve your crops!

#1. Ashes

wood ash in garden

If you have a fire pit or a fireplace and you're using real, untreated wood, you can sprinkle those ashes into your soil which adds potassium to your soil. Ashes will also deter pests, so just work them into 4 inches of soil, but be careful not to add too much since it can raise the pH level of your soil!

#2. Biochar


Biochar is a charcoal that is made from organic materials, and should not be confused with the charcoal that is used on the grill. It's made by burning organic material such as wood, bone, and manure at a very low temperature. It will help the soil retain nutrients as well as water. Simply sprinkle some on top of your soil and work within 4 inches of the top. Like ashes though, biochar can raise the pH level of your soil, so be sure to check the levels consistently!

#3. Bone Meal & Blood Meal

bone meal

It may sound disturbing to some, but bone meal and blood meal make excellent soil amendments because they add tons of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. Bone meal is basically animal bones ground into a powder, while blood meal is animal blood which is dried and ground. You can purchase either of these at your local nursery.

#4. Greensand


Greensand is a marine sediment that is high in potassium, iron, and a slew of other minerals. It is also called glauconite is an excellent soil additive as it provides a slow release fertilizer and is especially good for improving clay soil. Sprinkle a cup or two around young plants to warm the soil and retain water and nutrients.

#5. Seaweed

seaweed for garden

If you live near a beach, seaweed makes a really great soil additive! But whether it's harvested fresh from the sea, dried, or powdered, seaweed will improve soil texture, add nutrients, and help with water retention.

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Best Soil Amendments

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