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How to Grow Bilberries

Learn how to grow bilberries with this easy to follow gardening guide! A cousin to blueberries, bilberries are also called "European blueberries" and are packed full of antioxidants and vitamins!
Course: Fruits
Cuisine: Bilberries
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  • Purchase container-raised bilberries instead of bare-root stock since they don't like to have their roots disturbed.
  • Be sure to get at least two bushes for cross-pollination.
  • Keep these containers in a cool and moist area until they're ready to be transplanted in the spring once the ground is workable.
  • If you live a cooler zone, choose a planting area with full sun.
  • If you live in a warmer zone, choose a planting area with more shade.
  • Soil must be well draining and acidic for these berries to thrive in.
  • Work the soil to a depth of 8 inches and make a hole as big as the bilberry container and twice as wide.
  • Remove the bilberry gently from its container and place the root ball into the newly-dug hole.
  • Cover up the bulb with soil and add a 2 inch layer of mulch around the plant.
  • Water deeply.
  • Bilberries require very little care, even less so than blueberries.
  • No fertilization is required.
  • Water only once the soil is dry.
  • Allow to ripen on the shrub and harvest in autumn for sweet tasting bilberries.