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How to Grow Avocado Indoors

Learn how to grow avocado indoors from our expert gardeners!
Course: Tropical Fruits
Cuisine: Avocado
Keyword: avocado, how to grow, tropical fruits


  • Take a pit/seed from an avocado and wash it to remove any pulp. You can purchase an avocado at your local grocery store, but just be sure it is organic.
  • Grab 3 cocktail sticks or toothpicks, and push them into your avocado pit. Make sure the sticks are distributed around the seed.
  • Fill a glass or jar with water and place the avocado pit on top, in a way the toothpicks are suspending the seed at the top of the glass. The pit needs to be dipped an inch or so into the water at the bottom.
  • Place the glass in a sunny window and keep filling with water as required.
  • Roots will start to grow out of the bottom and the avocado tree will shoot out the top. Root growth is very important at this stage, so keep an eye on your avocado pit and make sure it always has water.
  • Keep the pit in the glass until the stem is about 7-8 inches long.
  • After the stem has reached 6-8 inches long, prepare your container.
  • Pick a 10 inches in diameter terracotta pot to plant your tree.
  • Fill the pot with a good sandy and light potting mix.
  • Place the avocado tree seedling into the soil leaving the top half of the seed exposed.
  • Water and place in a place where it gets enough sunlight!