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How to Care for Peace Lilies

Learn how to properly care for peace lily plants from our top gardening experts!
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Cuisine: Care
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  • Peace lilies can do well without or without light. Depending on the amount of light they’ll receive, they’ll also look different. Medium to high light will make its flowers bloom, making it more of a showstopper. Low to medium light, on the other hand, will make it more a foliage plant. Whichever type of light you have though, the peace lily will still thrive and work hard to purify the air around you!
  • Peace lilies don’t care too much about whether or not you give them sunlight, but they certainly DO care if they’re been over watered. In fact, one of the most common ways for a peace lily to die IS because of over watering. Therefore, it’s always best to under water than over water. Instead of watering once a week like you would with most plants, check the soil. If it’s dry, go ahead and water it, but if it’s moist let it be. Water the plant deeply, taking care not to wet the leaves.
  • Another important thing to know about peace lilies, is that they’re very sensitive to the fluoride found in tap water. Use room temperature, filtered or distilled water instead.
  • Because peace lilies like a lot of humidity, they make great bathroom plants. If not, mist the leaves once a week.
  • Fertilize only once or twice a year – peace lilies do not need more than that. Fertilizing will encourage spring and summer growth.
  • Keep the lilies in a warm environment, above 60F (16C), and away from drafts and cold areas. Also keep them away from direct sunlight, but DO keep them in a well lit area.
  • Peace lilies will also benefit from re-potting or dividing once they’re outgrown their container. Use a good quality potting soil or potting mix. You’ll know they’ve outgrown their medium once they start drooping less than a week after being watered. You’ll also notice crowded, deformed leaf growth. If re-potting, move the plant to a pot that’s at least 2 inches larger than its previous pot.
  • Peace lily leaves tend to attract a lot of dust. You’ll need to gently wipe or wash them once or twice a year. This will also help the plant to process sunlight easier.