Today we’ll teach you how to grow pomegranate from seed. Growing a pomegranate plant from seed is fairly easy and doesn’t require a ton of work, pruning, or planning. Pomegranates are an amazing source of antioxidants as well as Vitamin C, so having some in your own backyard could mean year long pomegranates! Use pomegranate seeds in your salads for a little crunch, eat raw, or enjoy the juice – the possibilities are endless!


Pomegranates enjoy warmer climates and do not like frost. Therefore, although you can start your pomegranate indoors, it will need to be moved outside so make sure you live in USDA zones 7-10 or you have a greenhouse!


The pomegranate plant can take anywhere from 3-5 years to produce fruit, so be patient!

When to Plant:

Start planting your pomegranate seeds in mid-winter. That way, they can grow inside and be ready to plant in the springtime.


pomegranate tree

Source: Todayprimetimes


  1. Scoop out the seeds from a pomegranate fruit and wash them well to remove any slimy residue.
  2. Dry them with a paper towel and leave them to dry for a few days to prevent rotting.
  3. In a pot with seed starting soil, plant the seeds no more than 1/4″ deep.
  4. Place your pot in a warm, sunny spot and make sure to keep the soil moist.
  5. Once spring has sprung, transfer your pomegranate plants outdoors.
  6. Dig about a foot, and mix potting soil with a little bit of fertilizer.
  7. Plant your pomegranate plant and water once a week.

Happy Planting!

grow pomegranate from seed